IET Oxford LN Engineers’ Question Time

Looks like an interesting event with a great high profile panel, please share with everyone in the Oxfordshire area. The chairperson is Prof Andy Hopper who is the IET President for 2012-13.

Engineers’ Question Time - The IET

Engineers’ Question Time – The IET panel of key figures from academia, industry and government will answer questions relating to the latest news, matters related to science and engineering education, careers and…

ARM’s new GPU Mali-T658

BBC News - ARM's new GPU chip design aims to boost mobile graphics

BBC News – ARM’s new GPU chip design aims to boost mobile graphicsARM hopes to expand its share of a rapidly-growing market. Demand for its mobile GPU designs lags behind that for its central processing units (CPUs).

It will be interesting to see what impact this has on mobile devices. ARM are a great company with a different approach to chip design, where they produce cores which are used by ASIC designers producing SOCs. Previously they have been mainly working in the embedded CPU area.

Rare earth mineral production boost outside of China

Rare-Earth Mineral Supply Getting Boost From California, Australia - Slashdot

Rare-Earth Mineral Supply Getting Boost From California, Australia – SlashdotIn recent times, the world’s supply of rare-earth minerals has suffered from both increased demand, due to their use in modern technological devices, and uncertain supply.

This is really good news for the worldwide electronics industry, there does seem to be a recurring issue with China where they produce something very cheaply because labour is cheap and they don’t have the environmental restrictions that modern countries have. The rest of the world can not compete and close production giving China a monopoly, once this happens they then restrict the supply to boost the price, reap the profits and have a better bargaining position with other governments because they can hold them to ransom.

Thailand flooding causes major HDD supply problems

Flooded fabs to ship 48m fewer disks in Q4 • Channel RegisterDisk drive shipments are set to plummet by nearly 28 per cent in Q4 – 48 million fewer units than a year ago – in the wake of the devastating flooding in Thailand, says…

The Register has some figures about the projected loss of HDD production due to the flooding in Thailand. This could cause major problems for OEM PC manufacturers who will quickly run out of stock.